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Welcome to the source of Hawaii’s Best Coffees. Maui Oma uses top of the line roasting equipment and works directly with small farmers from Kona to Maui to Ka’u and throughout the Hawaiian Islands to secure some of the World’s Best Coffees! This quality combined with our 22 years of Small Batch Coffee Roasting experience, makes Maui Oma Coffee some of the Freshest, Fullest, Most Aromatic, Most Alluring coffee around!

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Coffee beans and their flavor characteristics can be impacted by the area where they are grown, how they are processed, and the specific variety of the coffee grown.

Maui Oma coffee Hawaiian coffee farms

    Coffees from Hawaii

    Kona beans are grown in a specific geographic area on the Big Island of Hawaii. The Arabica beans we use are hand picked and wet processed and the variety grown throughout the district is a larger size bean called Typica.
    Available Blends: Big Island / Kona Coffee Beans
    Kauai Coffee is machine harvested, wet and naturally processed and primarily grow Yellow & Red Catuai.
    Available Blends: Kauai Coffee Beans

The Maui Grown Plantation  above Kaanapali is machine harvested, wet and naturally processed, and is predominately Red Catuai and Yellow Catura, but they also raise one of the most unique coffees in Hawaii. The variety is called Mokka and it is a hybrid of the original Mocha Yemen but has been adapted specifically for cultivation on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains. Not only is this coffee unique in its flavor characteristics – full bodied, with fruity, chocolaty tones – but also in its appearance as it is smaller and rounder than a normal coffee bean and maintains a very high level of bean density.

There are many different varieties of coffee.The type of bean, where it Is grown – what elevation, how much shade - and how it is processed to get it to the green bean form (which is how we buy them), and how it is stored can have a major impact on the flavor characteristics of the coffee. It is important for us to know, understand and evaluate these characteristics before roasting, so we can do the best job to maximize the specific characteristics of each coffee.

We provide specialty coffee for the food service industry.

Are you interested in serving gourmet coffee to finish the wonderful meal you have created?

We can create a custom blend just for you! Contact us today and a wholesale representative will assist you with your order.

Specialty Coffee Roasting
Branding coffee for fine establishments around the Hawaiian Islands

Here are some of the Hawaiian coffee blends specifically roasted to the desired taste of each location. Below is a partial list of places that serve Maui Oma's coffee:
Kihei Café Blend, Charley’s Blend, Café O’Lei Blend, Pineapple Grill Blend, Plantation House Blend, Gerards Blend, Longhi’s Blend, Hula Grill Blend, Maui Oma’s Choice, Italian Blend.

You can find our coffee in cafes, grocery stores and restaurants.